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    Bottensug "Paradise" - effektiv bottensug för spabadet

    795 kr
    En modernare, kraftfull och effektivare bottensug.

    Pure-Stream Spa Filter

    355 kr
    NO MORE SCALE - NO MORE HARD WATER. Hard water is NOT good for your spa or hot tub. It can cause cloudy “gassy” water, it will certainly block your filter with limescale, you can spend hundreds of dollars over 3 years unnecessarily in chemicals and it will invariably damage/limit the efficiency of your heater.

    Grit-Gitter - smidig liten hand bottensug för pool- eller spabad

    275 kr
    Smidig, effektiv hand bottensug. Perfekt för rengöring i hörnen eller punktinsats.


    105 kr
    Scumbug™ is insatiable! When placed in a clean pool or spa, it eliminates the formation of scumlines. Capable of absorbing up to 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions, Scumbug™